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About Chef Nancy Russman

ChefNancyRussmanChef Nancy Russman is the director of the Culinary Arts Department at Jefferson Community and Technical College in Louisville, Ky and author of Chef Nancy's Kids' Club Cookbook. A native of Louisville, chef Russman grew up in the kitchen learning and working alongside her German immigrant mother. Her mother instilled in her a passion for cooking and chef Russman's talents in the kitchen grew. She began her career with an apprenticeship at the highly regarded Grisanti's, Inc., a Louisville dining institution. Chef Russman prevailed against the discrimination that many female chefs faced at the time and worked her way into the kitchens of four-star restaurants, wining national awards along the way such as the American Culinary Federation's Kentucky Chef of the Year Award and the Chef Celebration Tour's National Chef Humanitarian Award.

After a car wreck that left her critically injured, chef Russman changed her outlook on life and decided to use her talents in the kitchen for a different purpose. She began working with children and families at a local homeless shelter in Louisville where she discovered her passion for working with the at-risk population, especially adolescents. She has devoted her life's work to educating children and their parents about healthy eating and her work has been honored through several national culinary awards including the American Culinary Federation's 2010 True Spirit Award.

Chef Russman published her first cookbook for children in 2009. Chef Nancy's Kids' Club Cookbook focuses on showing young people how to prepare healthy food for themselves without using knives and stoves. The purpose of the cookbook is to teach children about healthy eating while improving their self esteem and empowering them to live happy, healthy lives. Chef Russman's objective is to encourage a healthier community through the international language of food.